What’s been on the plate

by trdunsworth

Well, while I’ve certainly been silent, I’ve not been idle. I’m progressing along with bachelor’s number 2; studying for the entry level Java certification. I hadn’t had a lot of review opportunities appear which has been beneficial because the cert exam hasn’t been kind to me nor have I had a great deal of time lately.

However, that hardly means I’ve been idle. My databases are keeping my attention as always, and now that we’re settled and I’m learning more about my new home community, we’re seeing a lot of opportunities show up. There have been enough that we’re looking at developing business cards locally and starting to ramp up a new venture; Dogwood Grove Studios. So next will come getting the domain name and the site built, along with the cards. Then we can have something better to present to clients. I have one possible on the horizon, but I want to get this going first so she has something to look at.

More details will be coming as time rolls along.