Video Review – Deploying Angular JS

I was recently contacted and asked by Packt Publishing to review a video, Deploying Angular JS by Thomas Tuts. I was asked mainly because I have purchased and have been given to review several books on Angular JS lately. In return for this review, I was given a copy of the video as compensation.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to access and watch this video. Mr. Tuts does an excellent job at reviewing how to scaffold an Angular project, develop it, and then use Heroku to deploy the site after completion of the coding. The video segments are fairly short, all around 5 minutes in length, and along with Mr. Tuts’ sonorous voice, the coding provides a very good lesson in building out an application quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Tuts also brings more than just Angular into the toolkit. He covers using Bower, Gulp, and many other tools together, including JSHint and testing frameworks. I was surprised how easy it appeared to be to get it all together. It’s inspired me to work on a couple of personal ideas to see what I can do with all of this together.

I really can’t think of any criticisms of the video. I learned a lot out of it in repeated viewings and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to put this together into the tool belt.