by trdunsworth

Well, I had planned on writing at least once a week, starting in January and here we are in May and I’m writing for the first time in who knows how long. (Before anyone can answer, yes, I am aware of the fact that WordPress knows…) 

Life has been busy and that hasn’t always been a bad thing. I’m a newly minted A+ certified techie (Yay!) and have actually completed the next class behind that one. So now I’m a certified Web Design Professional; whatever that will mean to others. 

On the programming front, I was successful, finally, in getting ODP.NET working with EF 5 and have built a newer version of the Hot Calls program which seemed to run correctly in the first preliminary tests. Once I get this other project under control, I think I will test it further to see if I want to work it out and deploy it. Should it go the way I expect, I want to go ahead and blog about the progress and how I did it. I’m using MVC 5 to build the administration interface and it appears to be ready for deployment. I just need to figure out why I am getting 403 errors trying to attach to the web server to deploy it. Once I have that figured out, I want to get it running and decommission the old site. The current admin piece uses Razor syntax, but it isn’t as elegant or efficient as the MVC version.

My Good Lady Wife has had a few health problems of late, so I’ve been away from this beast to worry about her. She is getting stronger and back to her ornery self which makes me feel better. 

I’ve not abandoned my book reviews, just really haven’t had time for them and haven’t stressed about that.