New Packt Publishing Offer

by trdunsworth

As  many of you readers are aware, I do book reviews and occasionally help promote sales for publishers. Well, Packt Publishing is back with a new offer.

They are running every eBook or Video in their collection for $5 each! That’s a great deal in my opinion. They have a lot of high quality titles on various topics and they have great customer service to boot! Here are their details on it: The $5 eBook Bonanza is here! Treat yourself to the eBook or Video of your choice for just $5 and get as many as you like until January 3rd 2014. To get you started, we’ve put together the Top 20 titles of 2013 for you to pick up here. But don’t forget, you can get ANY eBook or Video for $5 in this offer

The link to get the discount is here!

$5 ebook Bonanza1 template 1