Version 1 is running, now to something new.

So, now I have version 1 completed and running. Now come the changes and adaptations to modernize it and bring it up to what I envisioned when I first started this process.

Granted, for teaching myself along the way, I’m not unhappy with the results, but I already see where it can and should be better. Maybe that’s what will make me a good programmer after all. I am already looking ahead to what I think will work best.

1. Combine my polling queries into one PL/SQL function which can then be run straight from code and accomplish three steps at once.

2. Move from C#2 and Microsoft’s Oracle implementation to C#4, ODP.NET, and EF. (Since EF is natively supported in the current version of ODP.NET, I think it a better solution than NHibernate for me in the long term.)

3. Re-analyze my logic with EF and see if I can write either LINQ queries or better object queries which will make this a lot simpler, cleaner, more secure, and faster.

4. Clean up what I believe to be other issues to make the code base smaller and more compact.

Well, there’s my new set of challenges. That and the administration piece which I’m currently starting on.