Review Programming HTML5 Applications, Zachary Kessin O’Reilly Press

Mr. Kessin, an Israeli programmer and developer, has written a very interesting and for me, at least, a very effective book about client side programming in Javascript which allows a developer to create more detailed and more robust web based applications.

Having said that, I admit, I have a problem with the title of the book, not its substance. The title, for me, tends to do the same thing with HTML 5 that had been done with AJAX and the term “Web 2.0”; cheapening the term by extending it beyond its normal scope. Be that as it may, this is a very good book for the moderately experienced Internet developer who wants to take an application to the next level.

Mr. Kessin takes many of the new ideas which are possible within both HTML 5 and modern web application development and demonstrates good ways to use Javascript to create browser independent applications which can work in most modern browsers. Even better is the fact that he does not rely on JQuery plug ins or other Javascript libraries. His instructions are based on learning to write the code behind the application by yourself so you aren’t dependent upon libraries unnecessarily. There are a couple of exceptions to this, such as IndexedDB, where the JQuery library makes the API more approachable and more useful. However, since those are exceptions, you get a very grounded education about how to extend javascript and html5 to create some very interesting applications.

Again, in my opinion, the book should be renamed Modern Web Application Development with Javascript and HTML5. However, having said that, this is an excellent book to help you write better applications, including how to use tools such as Selenium and JSLint to clean it up.