Book Review – HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook

by trdunsworth

Last week, I had a week of good fortune! Monday, I won a copy of HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook by Shi Chuan from Packt Publishing and Script Tutorials. Then I was asked if I would review the book I just was fortunate enough to win. Who wouldn’t say yes to that? (Well, to be fair, Packt Publishing is giving me another ebook for free after I finish this review.)

The short form of the review is simple: If you want to learn more about mobile development, buy this book! Mr. Shi (I’m guessing on how I expect to read Oriental names and if I’m incorrect, please correct me sir.) has written an excellent book which taught me a lot about re-optimizing my code for a more mobile friendly site. He covers a tonne of material in the book and makes good note of what works with which of the major mobile browsers. I particularly liked his discussions on geolocation and media (audio and video). The included code is all based on open source projects so anyone can get the code, read it, work with it, and have fun with it.

The other main selling point, for me at least, is that he works on a lot of the tools he demonstrates or uses, so he knows the tools backwards and forwards, but still ensures his explanation and code are highly accessible to anyone regardless of your professional level. It is well written and easy to follow. My only negative is when he addresses the fact there is no iOS emulator or Windows and suggests buying an iPhone. Sorry, my budget doesn’t stretch that far. Though I also like, to defend my thoughts, that he shows you how to turn Safari to mobile Safari for checking.

Overall, this is an excellent book. It’s well written, full of good examples, but not code you copy and forget. I read the code and get a tonne of ideas on what I can do with what I’ve read and what I’m learning. It’s a great book and if, again, you’re interested in learning how to develop for mobile devices, get it!