The story behind the blog

by trdunsworth

These days, I work as a programmer and internal web developer. These were not the careers I expected when I went to college. When I went to university, I ended up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics. I wanted to continue my work and win my PhD and settle into being a professor. I wanted to study Celtic languages and specialize in Syntax models.

After school, I got married and didn’t have the funds to continue my education, so I entered the work world while the wife worked and went to school. Ironically, my ex-wife switched her major from Music Theory to Computer Science. I might even try to get my degree at the same university she was attending when we married and divorced. After divorcing, I entered the world of International Freight Forwarding, which is perfect for a polyglot like me. I moved to Los Angeles with Emery Worldwide and went from being a Japanese Customer Service agent to an International Operations Supervisor. Later I would move on to Distribution By Air, which is where I started working with computers professionally.

At DBA, I upgraded systems from all dumb or slave terminals to full PC’s and rebuilt a network from the ground up. Not the best work I ever did, but I did the best with what I knew at the time. At home, I was getting a lot of experience building systems and working with Linux because I couldn’t afford Microsoft software or full machines. After 9/11, I was laid off. I can’t blame DBA for that one, when we went to 1 shipment in the days following and everyone was calling for tighter restrictions on international freight, I saw the handwriting on the wall.

A couple of jobs later and I was working for Diebold, as a glorified dispatcher. However, after I got my Masters Degree in Information Systems, I was training as a Technical Performance Manager and had high hopes. Then came February 08 right before the start of the recession. Diebold was aware there were problems with the banks. They laid off 5% of their workforce nationwide. I was one of them. I understand the decision. I had gotten my Masters a few months earlier. I was at the end of a period where I agreed not to look for a job while my boss looked for opportunities inside the company to keep me and I was in the middle of a nasty divorce, so it took a lot of my time and energy.

After a couple of months of looking, I ended up getting a job with the Independence School District as a web developer, working on both internal and external websites and spending a lot of time working on web servers. Honestly, that was as close to dream job as I could get when I started getting into it. I love writing websites and learning more and more. That’s really where the inspiration for this portion of my blogging career started. How do you learn everything and keep on top of all of it. I hope to start doing a lot more with this as I go along as well.

I was laid off there after a couple of years because of the recession and its impact on school district funding from the state. There you go, I am a two time victim of the recession. After the second layoff, I was able to take advantage of a program from the State of Missouri and went to school to learn .NET programming as a career change. That helped me land my current job as a programmer for a local sheriff’s office. I’m having fun and working my tail off to learn about things I’ve never used before. These days it’s all NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, and Castle ActiveRecord for me.

I’m hoping I will be able to start writing more book reviews, lists, and other things which will start this off on the right foot and catch a few readers interests.