Gads! Not again

by trdunsworth

I finally decided to bite the bullet and use the blog here rather than self-hosting on a free site. I had done that for a while, but the provider crashed and while my static pages came back in 3 weeks, the blog never recovered, then they went out of business, were bought (I presume), and all my previous work is now in the ether. I should have known better because I had trouble actually backing up files with them. 

Now that the rant is out of the way, I’ll post the purpose of this and the other blogs I’m running off of my site here and start making more time for reviews, website suggestions, general thoughts, and who knows what else. However, I should be doing all of it here, so I won’t lose it hopefully. Just don’t like the theme choices, but I’ll live. Eventually, I think I’ll buy my own name as a domain and return to hosting. Once I do that, I’ll move all this stuff there, but with school, work, and the light of the moon, it may be a little while. 

Cheers all,